Unlocking entrepreneurship in Asia-Pacific

On the global stage, India and China are becoming key players in terms of total number and valuation of startups, following the United States. Indonesia and Vietnam’s progress have been remarkable as well. Can Asia-Pacific create the next generation Silicon Valley and become a centre for entrepreneurship and innovation? In this episode, we talk about the startup ecosystem in Asia-Pacific. We also discuss how investors and founders can unlock entrepreneurship opportunities in the region. 

Our guests are:

Amra Naidoo, Co-Founder and General Partner, Accelerating Asia

Jeffrey Paine, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Golden Gate Ventures

“Shelter from the storm: Investing in the era of uncertainty” is a ten-part podcast series, supported by EquitiesFirst.

The episode is hosted by Bilge Arslan, analyst, Policy and Insights at Economist Impact.

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