Any Stupid Questions about... Councils?

Ever feel like you missed something important when it comes to the news? A fact, a detail, or an event that it feels like everyone else knows about, and now you'd look like a moron if you asked someone to explain? Well, here's a podcast that will ask those questions so you don't have to.

This week Danielle Ward is joined by Tim Roca, a member of Westminster City council, to talk about how councils work. Danielle is joined by comedians Tiernan Douieb (Partly Political Broadcast) and Kemah Bob (FOC It Up comedy club).

Questions asked and answered include:

  • Is being a councillor a full-time job?
  • Why is my council tax so damn high?
  • Does Parliament pay business rates?
  • What night is bins? if you've sort of been guessing the answers based on a gut feeling, why not listen and find out for sure? And then subscribe to stay equally informed about other issues, as we get around to them.

All our guests are on Twitter, so go and say hello - @TiernanDouieb, @kemahbob and @timroca95, and Danielle Ward is @captainward. The show itself now has a Twitter account: @AnyStupidQs. Follow it for information about upcoming episodes, recordings, and extra bits of the show that had to be cut for any reason.

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