Where Indigenous feminisms and food sovereignties meet

In this episode we continue our journey, exploring the link between food sovereignty and Indigenous feminism as a decolonial project of reparations and reconstruction in the context of North America. Lisa Ironcloud tells us about the art of butchering buffalo, her personal journey of reconnection with Indigenous foods, and how this led her to support other people, especially women, in similar processes. Priscilla Settee then provides us with insights into the historical legacy behind the discrimination and intersectional, colonial violence against food and women. Finally, Simone Senogles talks to us about the complexity of feminism in the Indigenous food sovereignty movement. The stories of these three amazing women help us better understand how Indigenous food memories are braided in with experiences of systemic violence against women, and two-spirit people. Importantly, they provide insights into the ways in which feminism helps to untangle the mess colonialism has made of gender relations in Indigenous communities.

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