Running rats and healing hearts

In 1998, a young Norwegian exercise physiologist found that a technique he had used to help Olympic athletes could help heart patients too. But his idea made doctors sweat. One famous cardiologist told him that if he used his technique in human heart attack patients, he "would kill them."

Today's show looks at what happened when our researcher, Ulrik Wisløff, defied the experts — and built a career learning how high intensity interval training can help everyone from heart patients and ageing Baby Boomers, and possibly even Alzheimer's patients — but not in the way you might think!

Our guests on today's show are Ulrik Wisløff, Dorthe Stensvold and Atefe Tari.

Here's a link to a rat on a treadmill photo.

Here's a list of some of the research mentioned in the podcast, with links:

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