Ep: 27 Ronald Reagan's Journey to the Presidency 1973-1980 - Iwan Morgan

In this episode of "10 American Presidents," we focus on the years that paved the way for Ronald Reagan's momentous ascent to the presidency. Join our esteemed host, Professor Iwan Morgan, as he chronicles Reagan's political trajectory from 1973 to his election in 1980. Delve into the pivotal events, strategic decisions, and defining moments that shaped Reagan's path to the White House during this crucial period.

1. Introduction:

  - Professor Iwan Morgan sets the stage, highlighting the political landscape of the 1970s and the factors that propelled Reagan to prominence.

  - Exploring the emergence of Reagan's political ideology and his appeal to a growing conservative base.

2. The California Years:

  - Tracing Reagan's influential tenure as Governor of California (1967-1975) and its impact on his national political ambitions.

  - Examining Reagan's early adoption of conservative principles and his ability to connect with voters on both personal and ideological levels.

3. National Recognition:

  - Unpacking Reagan's transition from a regional figure to a national political force.

  - Discussing his role as a prominent spokesperson for conservative causes and his growing influence within the Republican Party.

4. Challenging the Incumbent:

  - Detailing Reagan's spirited challenge to President Gerald Ford for the Republican nomination in 1976.

  - Analyzing the implications of Reagan's narrow loss and the strategic adjustments that shaped his subsequent campaigns.

5. The 1980 Campaign:

  - Exploring Reagan's successful bid for the Republican nomination in 1980, navigating primary challenges and securing the party's support.

  - Discussing the key moments and strategies that propelled Reagan to victory in the general election.

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