Walter Williams

Walter Williams was like so many young Aussie blokes when World War 2 broke out: he felt it was his duty to serve. After his training and some time in the regular army, he sailed on the Aquatania into Singapore Harbour in December 1941.

Next came an incredible series of events, all of which showed Walter's amazing fortitude and makes it clearer why we have a sense of what the Anzac spirit is today.

Now 98, Wally talks to Hugh Riminton about his time fighting in the Pacific War.

If you would like to read more about Wal, please go here.

If you, or someone you know, needs support call Open Arms - Veterans & Families Counselling on 1800 011 046. It is a national mental health service that provides 24-hour free and confidential counselling, group programs and suicide prevention training for current and ex-serving ADF members, and their families. You can find their website here:

Story by Hugh Riminton

Produced by Jessica Ienco and Stuart Buckland

Lest we forget.

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