Talya Tibbon -- Walking with Refugees

Talya Tibbon is an award winning documentary director and producer working in the US and in Europe. Over the years, her work has taken her to 4 continents: from Boko Haram territory in Nigeria to the slums of Karachi, from gang-controlled neighborhoods in Honduras to Siberia and to the corridors of the White House. She's documented war refugees, trafficked women, Guantanamo detainees, Wall Street traders, drug economies, mass shooting survivors and even daredevil ice swimmers.

Last year Talya was nominated for two IDA (international documentary association) awards: for "Sky and Ground" (PBS/ Amazon) for best documentary and for the docuseries "Amanpour: Sex and Love Around the World" which is running on Netflix. She is currently working on her next documentary feature film about the legacy of WWII in the Baltics and a scripted drama series about the refugee crisis. Find out more about Talya’s amazing work here: TalyaTibbon.com.

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