14. Leroy Patterson - The Mass Transit Incident + Leroy vs. Carnage: Lighttube Deathmatch at SCCW Supercard 2005

In our most controversial episode yet, the boys welcome Leroy Patterson (Freakshow Wrestling, America’s Got Talent) to the show to talk all about the one video that Stephen absolutely REFUSED to watch: the infamous 1996 accident from ECW known as the “Mass Transit Incident” in which an untrained non-wrestler lied his way into a brutal match against New Jack and then accidentally got arteries in his head sliced open. We also talk about Leroy’s 2005 Lighttube Deathmatch vs Carnage from SCCW. Plus, Joey geeks out when Leroy reveals himself to be XPW’s Ring Crew Guy (RCG). Then, Nick calls Stephen a genuine creep for flying his drone all over Muncie, Indiana. (WARNING: THIS EPISODE’S VIDEO CLIPS ARE EXTREMELY GRAPHIC!)

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