#10-Who’s on First? Planning your Will and Estate Plan in the Digital Age (Ch2 Part5)

“As I took on the administrator role for my mother’s estate, I was surprised to learn that fiduciary appointments, like that of an executor or a trustee, even considering this role might be filled with a son or daughter like myself, are subject to the same laws and rules as a professional who might do it as a job. Qualified estate professionals can help you overcome these challenges and navigate the confusing deathcare and estate industry landscape.”

Episode #10 This episode is an excerpt from Chapter 2 - Getting Your Affairs in Order - Building Your Death Project in the Digital Age. In this podcast series, I will be reading excerpts from the book Your Digital Undertaker - Exploring Death in the Digital Age in Canada. What’s what in the world of getting your affairs in order in the Digital Age. This book explores the questions your future executor will want answered. Let Your Digital Undertaker help you navigate these awkward but essential conversations.

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