Your Digital Undertaker

by Sharon Hartung
Death and end of life planning is not a topic people want to talk about, never mind will and estate planning. But we must, otherwise our wishes and preferences for our family and loved ones, do not have a chance of being achieved. Your Digital Undertaker jumpstarts the dialogue in a simple and methodical way, matching the digital needs of the 21st century. Your Digital Undertaker, covers the what’s what in the world of getting your affairs in order in the Digital Age. This book explores the questions your future executor will want answered. If you are that future executor, let Your Digital Undertaker navigate these awkward but essential conversations.

This topic is universal, the framework in this book is global, the examples though are Canadian. In this podcast series, I will be reading excerpts from the book Your Digital Undertaker - Exploring Death in the Digital Age in Canada. Looking for key words: estate planning, death positive, digital legacy, executor, digital executor, funeral, wills, wealth planning, advance care plan, bereavement, charity, death, death cafe, death academics, death acceptance, death and taxes, death awareness, deathcare, death positive library, death planning, digital asset, digital estate, end of life, EOL, estate, estate plan, estate tech, executor, funeral, grief, hospice, intestacy, order good death, probate, project management, retirement, thanatology, trusts, wealth transfer.

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