Your Floating Bed

by GingerGoat Productions
A collection of sleep journeys to calm fizzy minds, promote positive wellbeing & gently guide you into happy dreams
Simply choose a destination from the titles listed, get comfy, & get ready to float away...

I created these sleep journeys during lockdown when my daughter Autumn was struggling to settle at bedtime. And if I’m honest so was I. So together, Autumn and I created these playful yet peaceful sleep journeys using simple guided meditation to clear our fizzy minds, and to ease us into sleep.
When I heard so many of Autumn‘s friends were also struggling with the pandemic, it gave me the idea of creating a podcast to share our sleep journeys. So, here they are for you too...

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SCHOOL WORKSHOPS Children of any age will have great fun learning about all the ingredients that create our Calming Sleep Journeys. They will discover new mindful techniques to support their emotional wellbeing, and by the end of our session they will create their own sleep journey which could feature on ‘Your Floating Bed‘ podcast. These are great fun both in person or I can remotely beam into your classroom!! To book or for more information contact Kerry on 

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PRODUCTION: Mark Edmondson

MUSIC: Savannah (Sketch) by Kevin MacLeod Link:
Numinous Shine by Kevin MacLeod Link:
Deep Relaxation Preview by Kevin MacLeod Link: License:
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