Your Floating Bed mindful journeys

by GingerGoat Productions
A collection of mindful sleep journeys for Kids to calm fizzy minds, promote positive wellbeing & gently guide you into happy dreams. Simply choose a destination, get comfy, & let’s float away...

I created these sleep journeys during lockdown to introduce my children to simple mindful techniques to support their wellbeing. Together we created playful yet peaceful stories during which we imagine their bed floating away to a special destination. When I heard how many young people worldwide were struggling during this challenging time, we decided to invite them on our calming journeys and created this podcast, where our mindful stories are not only shared with our young audience, but inspired by their individual destination requests. So here is your invitation, simply choose a destination and let’s float away together...

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PERSONAL JOURNEYS: Hannah went skiing on a magical mountain, Isla explored Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, Oscar played footie at Wembley, and Milo visited Fortnite Island. ’Your Floating Bed’ can take you ANYWHERE YOU WANT TO GO. Get in touch and let’s create your personalised journey 

YOUR FLOATING BED LIVE: Bring magic and mindfulness to your School/ Festival/ Event with YFB LIVE. Let us take you on a magical journey through your imagination, and along the way we will discover mindfulness techniques we can use to improve our wellbeing. Get in touch and find out how Your Floating Bed Live could visit you...

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PRODUCTION: Mark Edmondson

MUSIC: Savannah (Sketch) by Kevin MacLeod Link:
Numinous Shine by Kevin MacLeod Link:
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