162 | Intentional Growth| Feat. Rocky Heron

My mind is still blown by the reality of my opening a yoga studio in San Francisco. I took a moment and reflected back on all the things that have gotten me to this place and this space -- All the boxes I thought I needed to check. All the yoga teachers whose voices I borrowed until I found the power of my own. And, you know what? I wouldn’t take any of it back, because it’s gotten me to this place of deeply knowing my truth and passion. There’s no way around it: I love building community and holding safe space. It brings so much joy into my life. 

Rocky Heron @rockyheron and I haven’t done a pod together in a few months, but today we tuned in together. Prepare for the typical shenanigans and some checking in on where we are in life. We both had a few things on the brain, so this is part one of two. This episode shines a light on where I am at with my journey and what I am doing to move forward. Tune in today and watch out for Part 2!

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MUSIC: Process by 92elm

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See you on the mat. Much love and good vibes.

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