160 | You Deserve Rest | Feat. Tracee Stanley

How many times have you heard yourself saying “HARD WORK.” Rather let me rephrase that, how many times have you heard me say, “I AM WORKING HARD''. I never once stopped to bother and think, “Why can’t the work be work but not hard all the time?”. Like why is it I have to create even its tone that it’s difficult? Tracee Stanley blew my mind when she brought me to the realization that it doesn’t always have to be hard. That we, in fact, deserve to rest.

How many times did I have to burn out to realize this? (3… 3 is the correct answer in case you were curious...lol) This week on the podcast, I am thrilled to have Tracce back on the show. We met a few years back on the festival circuit. I had heard so much about her but never had the opportunity to practice with her; in fact, I had never even done a nidra before. But when I did, WOW. Just wow. In this episode, we talk about her new book Radiant Rest. It has been such a treat to see her put all her magic into this book. I have already taken a deep dive into it, and I love it so much we’re using it for the next book club in May, so be sure to grab your copy. I know her magic will do wonders for us all. Listen and enjoy.

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