159 | Navigating as a Human | Feat. Jack Workman

It’s HARD being human!!!!! Am I right? Navigating what labels society assigns you, navigating the way that others see your physical body (and the way that you see your physical body), navigating any depression or anxiety that comes along with that... You get where I’m going with this, right? I recently had an email come through thanking me for being so courageous and real in my storytelling. It’s important in my teaching and leadership to be authentically me so that others feel seen and represented and not alone. I’m here to share hope and show that there is a path forward towards being our true selves.

This week on the pod, I connect with @jackworkmanyoga, a fellow queer yogi. He brings courage like no other on this episode. He had a recent IG post about his own experience with body image issues and I knew I had to hear him speak more of his truth. Like many of us, Jack has gone through ups and downs, but his reliance shines through. Yoga teaching is not always as glamorous as some people might assume. Listen for yourself... Enjoy the chat with Jack, yogis!

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MUSIC: Process by 92elm

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See you on the mat. Much love and good vibes.

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