The Best Arm Balances for Beginners

This week we continue on with our series for beginners (and those teaching beginners): Our focus is the best arm balances for beginners. Arm balances are typically poses that beginners really enjoy playing around with, because they offer shapes that we don't typically do in other disciplines (unless you're a gymnast or a pro skateboarder). Arm balances can build stability, balance, strength, mobility. They're also aesthetically beautiful and novel -- unless you're a gymast or a pro skateboarder, you won't likely encounter shapes like these in your daily life. So, they're fun! And fun is truly valuable in life and in yoga.

A little bit about what we mean by "best" -- these are families of arm balances that are accessible and emphasize stability and strength. They are poses that can be broken down into steps so that you feel your confidence grow as you progress. As with anything in life, we want to offer ourselves or our students just enough challenge, but not too much. That's what these families of poses do.

To get some sequences where you can work on the arm balances mentioned in this episode, go to the shownotes page here:

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