My how yoga has changed...

We know that change is a part of life -- it's also a part of the constantly evolving practice of yoga.

As religious studies scholar Andrea Jain says in her book, Selling Yoga: From Counterculture to Pop Culture, “I emphasize premodern yoga’s context-sensitivity, heterogeneity, and malleability, rather than any central quality or essence presumed by some to be present across all systems.”

In other words, yoga has always been malleable and responsive to the context in which it exists.

On this episode, Jason and I talk about how we have experienced change in yoga practice over the past 25 years. We air some of our gripes (changes in Savasana, the abundance of heat-blasted classrooms) and point out some hugely positive changes as well (think: consent, less claim-making, more integration with everyday life).

Would love to know some of your experiences of how yoga has changed, too! If you'd like to share them, subscribe to my Substack where I will start a thread. 

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