The Best Backbends for Beginners

Modern life is not great for your back -- sitting in chairs tightens the hip flexors, which can lead to a chain reaction that stresses the low back. When we type at a computer, we typically roll the shoulders forward or hunch the upper back. And looking at our phones constantly can lead to the dreaded and painful "tech neck." -- chair sitting, typing, and looking at our phones. Simple backbends are a fantastic antidote.

But which backbends are most beneficial for beginners and why? Jason shares his thoughts on this episode.

We talk about:

  • Prone backbends like Locust Pose, Medium-Sized Cobra, and Sphinx
  • Kneeling backbends like Cobra and New School Anjaneyasana
  • Reclined backbends like Bridge Pose and Lying over a block

Learn the best approaches and modifications for these poses. And find lots of sequences to help you practice them by going to the shownotes page here:



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