Crafting a Career as a Yoga Teacher with Neeti Narula

Carving out a place for yourself as a yoga teacher is no easy task. It was such a treat to have multi-hyphenate Neeti Narula on the show to hear how she has done it. Neeti is an NYC-based yoga and meditation teacher, as well as a mother of two, a contributor at Yoga Journal and now, a freshly minted contributor on the lifestyle platform, Melissa Wood Health.

Neeti shares so many helpful gems on this episode including:

  • How yoga came into her life and helped her begin to heal from loss
  • The thing that surprised her most when she left investment banking to become a yoga teacher
  • How the pandemic helped her reassess her teaching schedule and pursue other avenues to share yoga
  • How intuition and persistence have led to the biggest leaps in her career
  • The necessity of being willing to fail as she pursued opportunities in her teaching career
  • How she pitched Melissa Williams Health and what she will be sharing there.

You can now take classes with Neeti Narula on Melissa Wood Health !

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