68 Recreating The Wheel: Reimagining America's Public School System With Dr. Aaron Smith

There is still so much to change with the education system here in America, most especially the public school system. Promoting a school-to-workforce pipeline instead of the school-to-prison pipeline, Dr. Aaron Smith, an active and leading STEM school director and professional speaker, joins host, Jennifer Whitacre, to share with us how he is uniquely bringing the word out about reimagining America's public school system through his newly released book, Blank Check: What If You Were Asked to Reinvent Public Education?. This is a young adult novel designed to inspire young people and the new generations of us parents to become involved with fixing the public school system in America. He takes us into his realizations and insights about the problems he sees that led him to this vision of a new type of school system—from the decision-makers and the existing inequality in funding to domestic violence—and how he is boosting emotional and mental support within that. Listen in on this great conversation that moves us past the traditional solutions to the problems with America's public schools and into a fresh and exhilarating approach that recreates the wheel.

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