Stoya: Books, pt2

In Part Two, Stoya and I discuss:

The Reunion by Laura Antoniou (and psychological erotica), Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski (and arousal non-concordance), The Guide to Getting It On (how Stoya masturbated to it and why Tina hates it), Mercedes Lachey's book that has a scene where people fuck on some rocks (that Stoya can't remember the name of), Sam Delaney (and a story you've probably heard Tina tell 20 times), House of Holes (two tickets please!), and which one of us has actually been railed in the stacks. /

Stoya has been working with sexuality for over a decade, on camera and off. She has written for the Guardian, the New York Times, Playboy, and others. Her first book, Philosophy, Pussycats & Porn, was released through Not A Cult in 2018. She contributes to Slate's How To Do It every week, and runs a sexuality focused book club in Gowanus the third Sunday of the month.

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