Stoya: Books, pt1

Porn legend, writer, and avowed sapiosexual Stoya joins me for a talk about musty-smelling paperbacks, big fat library shelves, and randomly also necrophilia?! We ask: Is it classist to only want to date someone who knows what "Wherefore" means in "Wherefore art thou Romeo?"?! Would John Waters want to top Stoya? Who is going to make a venn diagram of people who prominently display but have not read Infinite Jest and people who eat pussy? Will Stoya dog ear my page? Where can you see orgasms inspired by Supervert and Bataille? Can you ethically donate your corpse to perverts? Crack open our dust jackets and find out! /

Stoya has been working with sexuality for over a decade, on camera and off. She has written for the Guardian, the New York Times, Playboy, and others. Her first book, Philosophy, Pussycats & Porn, was released through Not A Cult in 2018. She contributes to Slate's How To Do It every week, and runs a sexuality focused book club in Gowanus Brooklyn the third Sunday of the month.

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