Live! Cannabis w Sophie Saint Thomas & Carly

Decriminalized & destigmatized cannabis use is entering a new American era, and that means there's more ways than ever to incorporate this classic aphrodisiac into our love lives. For another live episode at the Pleasure Chest in NYC, Tina sat down with sex and weed journalist Sophie Saint Thomas and pleasure educator Carly to break down the science of the endocannabinoid system, weed lube, stoner porn, rose petal joints, the difference between THC and CBD, how to objectify someone by turning them into a human bong, ashtray, or edible, forced intox, adult baby diaper stoners, how cannabis can help us heal from sexual trauma, and the importance of cannabis-related social equity programs for currently or formerly incarcerated people. /

Plus we field some questions about double-sided dildos, erotic hypnosis, and sounding! /

Sophie Saint Thomas is a queer Brooklyn-based writer originally from the Virgin Islands. Brooklyn Magazine named her one of their 30 Under 30, and High Times selected her as one of their 100 Women in High Places. She is a regular contributor about sex and cannabis for Allure, Playboy, GQ, Vice, Glamour, High Times, Marie Claire and more. She is currently writing a book for Simon & Schuster called Finding Your Higher Self: Your Guide to Cannabis for Self Care which comes out this November. /

Carly S. has been a sex educator since 2010 and runs the blog dildoordildont. If you ever meet her, she loves strong coffee and even stronger vibration. She's called the Queen of Wands, and it's easy to figure out why. Check the Pleasure Chest calendar to see her teach! 

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