Live! Blackmail w Amazon Maddox aka BrujaPxssy

“I’ll chain you to the bed and put a pretty bow on you” //

This live show, recorded at the NYC Pleasure Chest in December 2019, is all about balance: silk ties and heavy metal shackles, being juicy and muscular, being a genderqueer parent and glamorous pro-domme. Amazon Maddox aka BrujaPxssy tells their kink origin story, explores topics of fat positivity and exotification, and gives advice for parents navigating biases against sexual identity. And then there's a pretty detailed exploration of Why Are People Into Blackmail?! //

BrujaPxssy is an AfroLatin GenderFluid New Yorker and SP. Through their work as a 'Pro-Dominant Life Coach, they strive to make BDSM and alternative lifestyles a more inclusive and well represented community, as well as make meaningful connections with those they encounter on their own journey into The Arts. Parent, Activist, and aspiring model, there is not much they can't handle.


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