Live! Ashley Paige & Corey More: Families

“I brought you into this world, and I can take you out of it!” /

In this hilarious and boundary-pushing live episode, recorded in March 2019 at the 2nd Ave Pleasure Chest in NYC, I'm joined by two other queer sex workers, Ashley Paige and Corey More, to discuss the persistently taboo yet insurgently popular concept of incest fantasies! We deepen our ongoing discussion of leather families, while also exploring power dynamics between siblings, whether twincest is homosexual and/or masturbatory, and ponder that age-old ethical chestnut: if you discover the person you're having really hot sex with is your cousin, how long do you wait to tell them? We also get literal about queer parenthood, since Corey was 7 months pregnant when this was recorded and has some stunning insight into trans and nonbinary birthing bodies. /

Ashley Paige is a ProDomme, AlphaFemale, and Kinky Travel Companion based in NYC. She’s been engaging professionally in pleasure and perversion for more than a decade and specializes in the art of catharsis created by her ethereal understanding of visceral connection through Holistic Kink and Companionship. The femme daddy of your leather dreams and filthy fantasies…! /

Corey More is a chameleon with tits. A carnal detective and longtime provider of erotic odds and ends, they are a porno newbie and a stripper grandpa. Wielding a cancer sun and virgo rising, they specialize in curating the perfect experience to make you want your mommy in the worst way.

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