Live! Arielle Egozi: Menses

A storytelling heavy flow celebrating some under-appreciated things many people find mystifying and/or disgusting: menstruation, the full internal structure of the clitoris, body scents, and hair! /

Recorded November 2018 at Pleasure Chest on 2nd Ave in NYC. Live engineered by Ben Weber, co-sponsored by Acast. Music by TreZure Empire! /

Arielle Egozi is a writer and social influencer who uses her platform to destigmatize and decolonize sex, bodies, and society. She believes our personal liberation is entwined with everyone else’s, and that feminism isn’t a thing unless it’s intersectional. She’s written for and been featured in publications you’ve probably heard about, and just launched a video campaign with a brand helping teens navigate their first periods. She is now Director of Content at RAXO, a WOC-owned and run creative agency. She’s also a witch. /

Bahar Baharloo is a sex educator and the Assistant Manager of the Pleasure Chest in the Upper East Side. She is a Queer, Femme-sy, Iranian-American, Power-Slut! Her favorite topics include normalizing sexuality/kink, busting myths and demystifying taboos, and the dogs she just can’t own right now. Her favorite toy in the whole store (besides the nJoy Pure Wand) is the B-Vibe Rimming plug.

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