Interrobang: Yin & Poppy of Mercy Mistress

“I didn’t how to kiss gently. It was always about grabbing the person, putting my hand around their throat, biting. Leaving as many bruises on a body as possible. I confused a lot of people!”

How is being an actress like being a dominatrix? Tina spoke with the creators of the groundbreaking new webseries "Mercy Mistress" about BDSM as healing, sex work as a consent ritual, and the perks of crop tops in winter.

Mercy Mistress is an episodic dramatic series that follows Mistress Yin, a queer first generation Chinese-American professional and lifestyle dominatrix living in New York City. Each episode focuses on a different client and explores the roots of their particular kink while the larger story is one that unveils the layers of Mistress Yin's own sexuality and how she broke from a cycle of abuse, self-destruction, and childhood violence through her healing journey with BDSM.

Yin Q is a BDSM educator/writer, media producer, sex work activist, and mother of two fierce girls. She has a BA from Barnard College and MFA from The New School. 

Poppy Liu is a first generation Yellow American New York City based actor, poet and community organizer who was born in Xi'An, China and raised between Minnesota and Shanghai.

Poppy is the founding director of the production company Collective Sex which has the mission of decolonizing queer femme stories about body, sex, love and healing. 

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