Interrobang: Ashley Paige on HoTeling while Black

"I was called a ho long before I became an actual sex worker.” /

The brilliant and deviant Ashley Paige joins me again to discuss the Marriott hotel’s classist sex worker profiling, the racial difference between a slut and a ho, and Ashley’s personal history in the sex industry. /

Content warning: at about 40 minutes this episode gets extra real: w/r/t abuse and violence. /

Ashley Paige is a ProDomme, AlphaFemale, and Kinky Travel Companion based in NYC. She’s been engaging professionally in pleasure and perversion for more than a decade and specializes in the art of catharsis created by her ethereal understanding of visceral connection through Holistic Kink and Companionship. The femme daddy of your leather dreams and filthy fantasies…!

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