31: Arielle Greenberg: Hedonism

This month’s episode is, if we may say so, the kind of conversation you’ll only find on Why Are People Into That?!. Poet Arielle Greenberg tells Tina Horn all about her fetish for hedonism. Arielle gets off on encouraging a partner to have another drink or another doughnut, to fuck a hot stranger, or to be in any way decadent. From an exploration of the seven deadly sins to a brand new way of thinking about certain cartoons, this discussion may inspire you to think about your own indulgences in a new, hornier light!

DISCUSSED: Bacchanals / Templeton’s awesome night at the fair / The fetish possibilities of Greed, Pride, Envy, Sloth, Rage, Lust, and Gluttony / Feeding and Gaining / Emotional Edge Play / What do Magic Mike, Boogie Nights, and Caligula have in common? / Belly Worship / Cigar and Bootblack parties / Naked Desire