20: Melissa Gira Grant: Cam Girls

Sex drives technology, no doubt about it. In this week’s episode, journalist Melissa Gira Grant gives Tina a history lesson in cam girls: how they’ve gone from surveillance performance art to social media microcelebs to the future of sex work. From commercial hardcore Skype shows to nonconsensual revenge porn, this episode traces the evolution of naked digital representations.

Discussed: Setting Your Watch by a 3 Minute Dildo Show / Stoya’s Instagram Feed / A Man’s Voice Enters the House Through the Telephone / The Vanguard of Personal Boundaries / Sitting On A Cake / Menstruation Porn / The Worst Thing That Could Happen to Fake Julia Roberts / Information Overload

This episode also features a preview of Rachel Kramer Bussel’s new book of essays Sex and Cupcakes!