40: Lamalani Siverts: Fire

Fire! Fire! It’s not just a toy for teenage dirtbags anymore! It’s also a primal element that can be harnesses for kinky sex. Lamalani sat down with Tina to explain the erotic appeal of a flame to all five senses, describe some really fun fire play scenes, and instruct us on how to play safe with this dangerous force of nature. If you’ve ever wondered what folks mean when they talk about a flame “licking,” this is the episode for you!

Lamalani originally hails from the Pacific Northwest, lived in the Bay Area of California and is currently pursuing her PhD in the Midwest. She held the title of Washington State Ms Leather 2008 and International Ms Leather 2009. Professionally, Lamalani has been a purchaser and sex-educator at the women-owned sex toy store Babeland, bondage rope maker with Twisted Monk and craftsperson at Mr S Leathers. She was awarded the Northwest Regional Pantheon XV, Leather Emerald Award 2011 and named in The Advocate magazine's 2010 list of 40 exemplary people under 40. For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.com/privacy