Getting Clean to Get Dirty Live WeHo Pleasure Chest 1.16.19

The last pod of the year is footage from my first class of the year: Getting Clean to Get Dirty: Anal Prep, Health, and Pleasure at the West Hollywood Pleasure Chest from January 2019!

Anal play is one of the most pleasurable and taboo-busting forms of sexy fun. Yet the most common (and understandable) inhibitor to a wild and fun butt session is: won’t it get messy? Tina Horn, the host of kinky sex podcast Why Are People Into That?! is here to give you all the tips you need to enjoy butt stuff worry-free! We’ll discuss different kinds of anal prep routines, from fleet enemas to showers, from special absorbent sheets to safer sex gear. Tina will provide lots of techniques for great anal communication between partners, and detailed tips from porn stars on how they make anal look so easy! We’ll also dip our toes into some advanced anal experiences, including enema fetishes, ass worship, and all kinds of anal toys! Tina’s experience as a professional dominatrix, pornographer, dirty talk expert, and published author makes her the perfect guide to banishing all of your fears so you can enjoy the anal sex you know you wanna have. You’ll find this class fun and useful whether you’re straight, gay, top, bottom, or just an all-around butt lover like Tina!

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