Empress Wu: Cannibalism pt1

“While my mouth is open, he gets lost among my teeth, sliding down my throat, not being able to escape my mouth.” //

In truly one of the most deranged episodes in the history of this podcast, Empress Wu and I speculate about the thrall of cannibalism, figurative and in some cases literal. Mukbang videos, a client called Mental Dental, vore, giantess fetishists, vomiting fetishists, eating each other out, drinking cum and piss, the romance of only having so much meat to give, the moment in sex when you're so close you never want to leave, and how cannibalism flips consumption inside out. //

Empress Wu is an NYC-based dominatrix and cultural activist, primarily operating via performance, curation, writing, and production to explore the semiotics of sex work, and its effect on the body politic. In her spare time, she can be found loudly preaching conspiracy theories about slime videos.

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Support this show http://supporter.acast.com/yapit.

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