Live! MacKenzie Peck: Porno

“If the thing you love to do is only seen in 'shame' porn, you may think that’s the only slot you fit into as a desirable person. That’s not cool, and that’s what I’m trying to fix.” / From ASMR to GIFS, comics to fan fiction, public screenings to photo sets of dudes who can suck their own dicks, this YAPIT Live from April 2018 at the Pleasure Chest in NYC explores all personal and political facets of modern pornography. / Special guests Math Magazine EiC Mackenzie Peck and Pleasure Chest sex educator Leon also swerve into an explanation of what FOSTA/SESTA means for sexual freedom, how paying for porn can actually improve your sex life, and the ethics of literally eating people. / MacKenzie Peck was born on Valentine's Day, raised in Connecticut, and graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art, magna cum laude. Three years ago, she set on a path to becoming a pornographer. Now, with the hotly anticipated seventh issue of Math Magazine coming out soon, she is working to revolutionize social norms and evolve industry methodologies. /

Leon is a worker at the pleasure chest and budding sex educator who has been active in the kink community for around eight years.

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