Live! Siouxsie Q: Gaping

“As someone who has done sex work activism full time for years, I’ve found that in order to not burn out in this fight, I have to be having gross pervy sex, just living the ho life. Otherwise WTF are we fighting for?” // Recorded live at the Pleasure Chest in West Hollywood Los Angeles May 2018, this panel features Siouxsie Q and Carly D. Three drama queen sex educators in WeHo discuss the politics of sexual freedom and then exercise it to the extreme! // Discover how to be a high status princess, how to follow the narrative arc of gaping, why the office of POTUS is the ultimate in power bottoming, what Siouxsie and Tina would do if they were stuck in an elevator and both had to pee, how turning housework into a sex game makes invisible labor visible, how to be a valeDICKtorian, and why people are into pigs, tunnel plugs, double penetration, ass to mouth, giant novelty cocks, and more! Also a very special guest appearance by Damien Bathory explaining the appeal of scat. // Writer, advocate, and performer Siouxsie Q has been an outspoken leader in the sex worker rights movement since 2012 when she launched her popular podcast, The WhoreCast, garnering national attention. Her first book, Truth Justice, and the American Whore was released in May of 2016, and her writing and perspectives have been featured in Wired, Alternet, CNN, Rolling Stone, National Public Radio and many more. Her sex column, The Whore Next Door, ran in the SF Weekly from 2014 until last year when she relocated to Los Angeles, to lead adult film performers in a historic win against the noxious California Proposition 60. She currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee and continues write, perform, and fight for sex workers rights at the local, state, and national levels. // Carly D. Weckstein is a sex educator and theatre director who works as the Junior Buyer at The Pleasure Chest stores. Raised by two Bay-Area gynecologists, she has a passion for empowering people through knowledge of their own bodies. In our culture of so many damaging and contradicting messages around sexuality, she believes that deep healing and joy can be found through re-claiming sex on your own terms. Carly loves teaching about communication, consent, orgasm, kink/BDSM and roleplay. When she's not talking to people about sex, she's busy running a feminist theatre ensemble in Los Angeles.

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