47: Dirty Lola: Masochism

Biting. Flogging. Tickling. What is the relationship between erotic pain and sensuality? What’s to love about enduring pain to please someone else? What happens when a masochist stubs her toe? What makes someone a classic brat?

Sex Ed A Go Go producer and kink educator Dirty Lola sat down with Tina to discuss all the pain that don’t hurt.

Dirty Lola is a storyteller, sex educator, sex toy peddler, and the creator and host of the live sex Q&A / go-go show and podcast Sex Ed A Go-Go. During the last six years, she has shared her distinctive brand of kickass body and sex-positivity and her personal journey into the kink and polyamorous lifestyles with the masses on and off stage. For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.com/privacy