Arabelle Raphael: Nails

“When I’m editing my porn I love admiring the way my nails look wrapped around a dick.” / CONTENT WARNING: This episode includes frank, informed discussions of consensual non-consent fantasies, as well as two Jewish women unpacking what it means for trolls to invoke the Holocaust. / Artist, indie porn producer, and sex work organizer Arabelle Raphael is femme for a living. So what does it mean to be a queer lover of opulent extravagant finger adornments? Arabelle and I chatted about our mutual love of creepiness, the way she’s transformed troll hate mail into art, the Tex Avery cartoons that are forever linked to her femme identity, and exactly how to fuck someone when you have long nails (hint: very carefully!). / Arabelle Raphael is an artist, indie porn producer and sex worker living in the Bay Area. Arabelle has been nominated for numerous AVN awards and won her first in 2018. She is active in sex worker's rights and community organizing. She working on publishing her first book Evaluations. 

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