Ashley Paige: Daddies

"He called me Daddy and I've never felt my lips quiver so hard in my life." /

I figured since we started the year off talking about Leather Mommies, it would only be fair to give some space to masculine nurturing dominants. And who better to embody that queer Daddy vibe than professional dominatrix Ashley Paige? /

We discussed what it means for women to claim the title Daddy, whether this is or is not about incest, and how sex work helped Ashley get in touch with her inner vulnerable androgynous top. /

Ashley Paige is a ProDomme, AlphaFemale, and Kinky Travel Companion based in NYC. She’s been engaging professionally in pleasure and perversion for more than a decade and specializes in the art of catharsis created by her ethereal understanding of visceral connection through Holistic Kink and Companionship. The femme daddy of your leather dreams and filthy fantasies…!

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