Andrea Glik: Consensual Non-consent

“We are made to feel powerless non-consensually all the time. This is an opportunity to take the power back.” /

Content warning: This is conversation between two queer women about erotic fantasies that involve themes of force and violation. 

Rape scenes are the most fundamental yet thorniest of sexual fantasies. Whether it's force and resistance, psychological control, or emotional humiliation, why are we drawn erotically to things we don't actually want to do or have happen to us? In this episode, we unpack the paradox of consensual non-consent. Andrea brings her training as a therapist to help us understand the difference between abuse and kink play. She also gives some tips for healthy communication within a BDSM power dynamic. /

Andrea Glik, LMSW is a psychotherapist, somatic healer, sex educator, and witch. Andrea specializes in treating trauma and PTSD for queer & trans folks, using body based and feminist therapy practices to help clients come home to themselves. Andrea practices at The Gender & Sexuality Therapy Collective in NYC.

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