Maxine Holloway: Pregnancy

“I'm a very successful hu-cow!” At six months pregnant, sex work activist Maxine Holloway has never felt hotter. She opened up to Tina about the connection between her bovine breeding fetish and the realities of her growing body, everything her escort clients love about her transformation, and dating while being a queer poly slut who just happens to be knocked up.

Discussed: a very literal Madonna-Whore complex, ovipositor porn, virility-themed cuckolding, MILF money, milk. /

Maxine Holloway advocates for sex worker justice through the ever-intersecting avenues of activism, community organizing, politics, public health, and art. Since 2008 Holloway has been conspiring with Bay Area talent to create and showcase provocative performance, education and advocacy. Her pornography performances earned her AVN nominations, an XBIZ award, and a Feminist Porn Award. In 2014 she founded the Ask First Campaign to raise awareness about consent, and has brought the project to the Folsom Street Fair for the fifth year in a row. Certified in Sex-Education and HIV/STI Prevention, she recently completed her master's degree in public health at San Francisco State University. Her studies focus on the health, safety, and human rights of sex workers. Holloway recently curated We’re Still Working: The Art of Sex Work, a visual art exhibit and event series sharing the history and stories of Bay Area workers. Holloway is the co-founder of Bay Area Workers Support (BAWS) a sex worker resource organization and writes a monthly column for"Brain Throbs & Blow Jobs" where she interviews Bay Area providers, strippers and porn performers.

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