Live! Allijin & Wildflower: Piercing

“Any pain can be transformative” / July '18. Euridice Gallery in Brooklyn. At a live kink event curated by Amy Boyajian of Wildflower, Tina hosted a panel featuring Amy as well as kink pros Jin and Alice. "Allijin" had just done a piercing demo, so the panel focused mostly on body mod play, touching on the concepts of harm, aftercare, LARP therapy, suspension, and period sex. /

During the Q&A, the panelists fielded questions about the intimacy of pain, as well as how to discuss both interests and boundaries when you're new to a kink scene. (Questions are restated by Tina to protect the privacy of the attendees). /

Allijin is a play piercing demonstration duo based out of Brooklyn, NY. They publicly demonstrate needlework as a type of ritualistic and sensual practice. /

Jin Hee is pro dominatrix, community events organizer, gender-nonconforming visual artist and gallerist. Jin was born and raised in Hawai and is now based in New York. Jin collectively organizes events and art shows with Brooklyn QTPOC punk collective No Flowers for Yt Powers and Disclaimer Gallery. /

Alex "Alice" Maiorano is a professional body piercer, hook suspension practitioner, born and based in Brooklyn. Alice is the Manager of Ahimsa Piercing Studio, the head piercer of Anchors Aweigh Suspension Team and a production member of The Skin Project. /

Amy Boyajian is the founder of Wild Flower, a gender neutral sexual wellness brand that focuses on pleasure and education. Previous to Wild Flower, Amy worked as a dominatrix in NYC, giving her a unique insight to sexuality within our culture and helping her shape her unique style of sexual education. Originally from the UK, Amy currently resides in New York City.

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