Live! Katie Skelly & Kristen Sollee: Monsters

Lesbian vampires. Face-hugging aliens. Blue collar werewolves. Shitty boyfriend robots. Abject zombies. Mermaids with strap-ons. The devil’s ice-cold dick. These are just some of the hilarious ways we sexualized monsters on this Halloween edition of YAPIT Live at the Pleasure Chest in NYC. My gore whore guests Katie Skelly (author of the graphic novel My Pretty Vampire), Kristen Sollee (author of Witches Sluts Feminists) and Carly (sex educator at the Pleasure Chest and author of the Dildo Or Dil-Don't blog). Recording by Ben Weber sponsored by Acast. 

If you’re in the NYC area, come to the monthly live series to enjoy raunchy talk with my special sexpert guests, wine and refreshments, schmoozing with babes, and discounted sex toy shopping! Updated info is always at

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