Bear Bergman: Chivalry

“Chivalry is the kind of ritualized flirting that goes on and on and on." In this episode, iconic writer S. Bear Bergman makes a case for chivalry; a modern, bespoke, very queer kind. He compares it to high protocol BDSM, cruising, and good ole fashioned courtesy. Very much the kind of convo you’ll only find on YAPIT.

S. Bear Bergman is a writer, storyteller, educator, activist and the founder and publisher of children’s book publisher Flamingo Rampant, which makes feminist, culturally-diverse children’s picture books about LGBT2Q+ kids and families. He writes creative non-fiction for grown ups, fiction for children, resolutely factual features for various news outlets, the advice column Asking Bear and was the co-editor along with Kate Bornstein of Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation. These days he spends most of his time making transgender cultural competency interventions any way he can and trying to avoid stepping on Lego. Learn more about his projects at

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