Pleasure Chest: Queering Sex w Ryan

“Sex that takes up a lot of time doesn’t contribute to capitalist production. Anyone who comes into the Pleasure Chest is already saying; I’m taking back time for myself." In this special Pride episode, Ryan DiMartino talks with Tina about queering sex. From fabulous toys like golden strap-on dildos, to queer porn and literature, to gender affirming gear like gaffs and packers, the Pleasure Chest is the perfect place to find everything you need to queer your sex life all year long! Ryan DiMartino coordinates education at the Pleasure Chest NY. Inspired by sharing the stage with community leader Miss Major at age 17, their work is in pursuit of justice at the intersections of sexuality and gender with a focus on sex workers rights, body autonomy, and education. When they're not working with humans, they can usually be found beneath a pile of dogs.

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