Lorelei Lee: Cash, Pt1

Money makes the world go round, or so it's been sung. So what about when cash makes your pussy wet and your dick hard? Pornographer, writer, and activist Lorelei Lee understands both sides of the transactional fetish known as financial domination. In this episode, Tina and Lorelei explore the circumstances in which sex work is and is not "findoming," plus all the different ways to fuck on top of a pile of money. “You exist only to prop me up. This is the entire reason you go to work. You’re just a pay piggie. You might as well sign over your check to me. The thing that’s thrilling me is having cash accumulate around me, rubbing it on my body, smelling it. I love to fuck on it. I love to throw it around the room. I feel like I’m receiving power when I receive that money, power that I specifically felt the lack of at many times in my life. I’m owning it, controlling it, stepping on it. Maybe the thing I’m dominating is the money… “ Lorelei Lee has been an adult film performer, a bachelor party dancer, a professional dominatrix, a waitress, an advice columnist, and a writing teacher. She has been nominated for 11 AVN awards. Her fiction, nonfiction, and poetry have appeared in Salon, The Rumpus, WIRED, Denver Quarterly, the Los Angeles Review of Books, Buzzfeed, $pread Magazine, and elsewhere. She cowrote the independent film About Cherry, in distribution through IFC films. She is a member of the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee and was the Free Speech Coalition’s 2015 Woman of the Year.

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