Live! Tantra Edition: Barbara Carrellas & Sloan: Pleasure Chest NYC December

“The part of sex that most people love is the letting go, the freedom of connection with themselves or another person, the expansion, literally the OMG of it. Most people feel that want more of that and they want it to go on longer. Tantra offers practical ways to get you there."

Recorded in front of a particularly enthusiastic audience at the Pleasure Chest in NYC, December 2017, this is the Tantra Edition of YAPIT Live! Featuring Barbara Carrellas, author of the kinky queer sex guide Urban Tantra, along with Sloan, a Pleasure Chest educator and curator, this episode covers massage, breath, orgies, and much more! 

$5+ Patrons get the episode early, as well as NOT ONE BUT TWO EXCLUSIVE EXTRAS including sex advice about asking for what you want when what you want is love, and a whole lot of fascinating audience questions.

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