Live! Erykah Ohms: Leather

"The more you clean leather, the more it smells like itself." For YAPIT Live at the 2nd Ave NYC Pleasure Chest in July '18 with my guests Erykah Ohms and Santos, we discussed leather as a sensual material, a fetish, a symbol, an aspiration, a fashion statement, a cultural beacon, and an ice cream sundae. //

Also: the erotics of bootblacking care, chest harnesses, strap-on harnesses, leather appropriation and "post-fetishism" in fashion, bondage, impact play, protocol, what we think leather smells like, and how leather makes us feel. //

Erykah Ohms is a New York-based, black, queer, cis, leather dyke, who is a kink enthusiast with masochistic tendencies. After quitting her job she wandered into a leather shop seeking employment. There she was introduced to the leather community which became an integral part of her journey in kink. Though she has since moved on from her days of slinging dildos and pushing poppers she remains active in the kink community as a queer performer. With her work, she strives to increase the visibility of POC in kink and sex-positive media. //

Santos J. Arce is a 37 year old Brooklyn native. He is a latinx, trans masculine queer who seeks to bring an intersectional & inclusive perspective on sex ed. He has worked at Pleasure Chest, as a Sex Specialist for over 2 years, & has spoken about gender & sexuality on Buzzfeed & at SAGE NYC (a center that serves to improve the lives of LGBT older adults). When he isn't working as a sex educator, He is member of the trans/queer punk band Trashy, as well as a member of the Brooklyn Transcore Collective, which promotes trans & queer punk bands in & around New York City.

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