37: Alana Massey: Sexting

Privacy! Boners! Feelings!

THIS is a very special episode of YAPIT, in which we investigate the subject of Tina’s new book: Sexting: The grown-ups Guide of Sex Tips to Getting Dirty Digitally. Tina wanted to invite someone with fresh, smart, refreshing ideas about naked selfie pride, choosing your own SMS adventure, and the ethics of digital privacy. After reading Alana Massey’s “feeling journalism” about online dating and technological intimacy, Tina asked Alana to be on the show; whereupon, Alana proclaimed sexting to be her highest art form!


“You’re not sexting with my butt, you’re sexting with me” / "You are starring in my personalized smut" / Cyber-sex / A/S/L / “I just took a sexy picture of myself; can I send it to you?” / The Gift Dispatch Sext / “Just because you’re on your phone doesn’t mean you can phone it in.” / The power to turn someone on even if you’re not in the same room / Teleportation of arousal / Stopping someone in their tracks / Reciprocity, caution, vulnerability /... For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.com/privacy