C'etait Bontemps: Drag, Pt2

“You can desire me as C'etait all you want, but sex for me does not include C'etait. That is fully Mathieu." / In Part 2 of Why Are People Into Drag?! Anteus Mathieu, aka drag and burlesque performer C'etait Bontemps, describes some of their drag routines in graphic detail, digs into the complications of folks who are turned on by cross dressing, and concludes we should kill our idols. /

Anteus Mathieu, aka C'etait Bontemps, is a Non-binary drag and burlesque performer living in Brooklyn! A Florida transplant, he has been working in nightlife for 6 years. His brand of drag melds the worlds of feminine and masculine performance in both sexy and sometimes uncomfortable ways. His goal is to push the boundaries of drag and burlesque as performance artistry to explore gender identity, sexual agency, and just plain weird shit. 

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