Interrobang: AORTA Films Pt1

Does anyone actually jerk off to high-concept porn? Can porn be rehearsed? What if you have an experimental dance background and a radical queer political agenda? AORTA Films wants to explore these questions and more with their milk-guzzling queer erotic videos. Mere days after the American presidental election opened a hellmouth, Tina got together with Max Capacity, Ginny Wolf, and Parts Authority to drink whiskey and get to the bottom of these issues and many more. Part Two coming soon.

AORTA films makes experimental queer/feminist porn - lusty, opulent, ethical, fuckery. Led by creator/director/performer Mahx Capacity, and performer/producers Parts Authority and Ginny Woolf, AORTA films seeks to create porn that disrupts boundaries and glitches desire. Working out of DIY and experimental performance contexts, they are interested in creating content that centers performers across a wide range of bodies, genders, races, and identities. They work collaboratively, prioritizing safe and enthusiastically... For information regarding your data privacy, visit