Interrobang: Lidia Bonilla, Chief Provocateur, House of Plume

Tired of storing your vibrator in a sticky drawer? Entrepreneur Lidia Bonilla certainly was! That’s why in 2013 she left a career in banking to found the House of Plume, creating beautiful storage solutions for all of your sexual accessories. Lidia sat down with Tina to discuss the Women of Sex Tech group, why Facebook won’t allow ads for sexual wellness products, and how the sex toy industry is even whiter than banking.

LIDIA BONILLA: Covered by Fast Company, Tech Crunch, and Huffington Post, the Moi Box Deluxe launched Lidia’s reputation as a design innovator, change agent and sought after expert. She speaks on topics ranging from sex in communities of color and dismantling sexual taboos to the nuts and bolts of turning an idea into a real product.

Perhaps it’s no coincidence that, in her former career as a compliance and regulatory expert, Lidia worked with various “naughty” financial institutions. Raised in Miami, she calls Brooklyn home. Her spirits animals include Beyoncé, Rihanna, and the entire cast of the Golden Girls.
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